Friday, November 26, 2010

MY Review on Angelology- Danielle Trussoni

Angels are often described as beautiful creatures descended upon the earth on Lord's command ,having  beautiful feathers and  a loving face that can only be described by adjectives such as beautiful , unearthly , loving etc and never by those such as  hot , sexy or sensuous . They have captured our imagination and endless stories , novels and films have been  woven with  this imagination into something at once real and unreal . They are like the parallels of vampires , werewolves etc yet their presence seems more possible than that of those beasts . Despite the fact that beasts have been showcased as more real by means of highly descriptive fiction based on some "fantasy" historical evidence , religious texts , paintings , "Superstitious" beliefs etc. It is I believe our psyche that chooses the side of the angels . Henceforth the book on Angelo-logy by Danielle Trussoni is a first in ways more than one , atleast for me . I am sure the Bible's reference to the arch-angels , nephrilim and watchers has been used many a times in  the past ,furthermore if  i were to come across a novel with a story more beautifully woven about these very angels , I will not be surprised . Why then, do i recommend this book ? What is good about it ?.Danielle has been very successful as an author in making "Neprilim " ( Descendants of a disobedient group of angels called Watchers ) , and " Watchers"  as real possible identities , using the reference of "The Book Of Enoch" and "The Bible" she has given them an identity that can be called believable to say the least ( for a theist at-least ) . The story of the book , I would prefer not to divulge since it would spoil the fun , its sufficient to say that it is a fight between Angelologist ( a society whose objective is to end the influence of Nephrilim on the human world by destroying them ) and "Nephrilim for the Lyre of the Arch-angel Gabriel which is also famous as the lyre of Orpheus . The Lyre can destroy the Nephrilim if the correct musical composition is played . Furthermore the Nephrilim's have lost their many powers due to the recesssive angelic traits (genes) and more potent human traits ( genes ) , hence if that continues they would be destroyed on their own , the lyre however has also the power to rejuvenate . The most thrilling of all suspense's is the fate of the protagonist's which is far from cliche'  
*Angelology's meaning - It is the study of Angels it comes' from the Greek word "Angelologia" which is a combination of two words together "Angelos" = angel (messenger) and "logos" = word, meaning the word of Angels.. It is a branch of theology and deals with the study of symbols , texts , paintings , manuscrpts , religious texts that give any reference to the presence of angels or the literature surrounding them

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not a Penny More , Not a Penny Less by Jeffery Archer

Jeffery Archer
Having read almost all of Jeffery archer's novels , to read his first ever novel "Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less "was a pleasant surprise . This novel  is an example of how every author starts somewhere . The novel is exciting ,informative , and almost captivating ,  filled with knowledge about artists ( Vincent Van Gogh -his favorite as always ) , culture , tradition , and booze .Harvey Metcalfe , a American of polish descent , is an intelligent man , well-versed in all the traits of business , better than any Harvard degree holder , and yet without any formal education. He robs four young men , an American professor Dr. Stephen Bradley , a Viscount by the name of James , A doctor -Robert Oakley , and a Frenchman/art dealer Jean-Pierre ,  with the help of a young , naive man by the name of David ( incidentally a Harvard degree holder ) .The book is thus tells us how  these four gentleman from different back ground come together to get there money back but not with vengeance , rather with a plan to get back there money as it was taken , not a penny more , not a penny less. Like all his book almost everyone is from some prestigious institution . Harvard , Oxford , and Cambridge seem to be at a stone's throw for everyone to grasp . The style is not the same as you might find in his later books ( As the crow flies , Kane and Abel etc) . Unlike those books , this one is not about a specific person , and covers a detailed span of about 6 months as opposed to a whole lifetime as  in "As the crow flies " and "Kane and Abel ". We find that the author is reverting back to this style in his latest books , "Paths of glory" and "Matter of honor" . I sincerely hope for the sake of all readers that the author reverts back to the style of "Kane and Abel " rather than giving us examples of his "diversity" by producing books as impersonal and crass as "Paths of Glory" and "Prison Diaries" . I personally find the author very talented and an almost-genius , seeing as he is knowledgeable in many disciplines , be it Art , Tradition , People , Emotions or stock exchange not to mention Politics . event though this is not the epitome of his genius yet , this book make you feel happy , urges you to do more in life , to grab all opportunity ,and tells you that no matter who you are and where you're from , nothing is impossible if you have the will and right people around you , to not just guide you but also to offer a glance- " I am here for you " .The book is a good read , but not an urgent one unlike "Kane and Abel". As an artist , I always find myself happy reading the bits about artists and there work . The book is said to be based on Archer's personal life. Jeffery Archer is an author of logical brilliance , all my readers , if you are fans of suspense , or would like to read about lives of interesting characters ( who in most cases grow from scratch ) read Jeffery archer , be it "KAne and Abel"  , "As the crow flies" , "The Prodigal Daughter" or ""The prisoner of birth " .All of these books will keep you up all night , wanting to know more about the characters , yet as the book ends , you will feel satisfied and in love with the characters . So go on take a J.A from a library , or buy it and cherish it all your life . IF you people want me to tell more about the books I have mentioned please post comments , I would be glad to comply to you wishes ,,, This is me signing of
Have A good Day
 Despite being a big fan of jeffery Archer my rating on this book - 3.5 out of 5