Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dont let go of what you have

I have noticed that many a times we run after the things we don't have , there is nothing wrong in it so long as you do not forget what you have . I for instance have been neglecting my art work for some while so as to be in the upper ranks of the social heirachy that exists even between friends ( unfortunate as it is ) . And so I truly did understand this entire thing . It is human tendency to look in the neighbor's garden always assuming that the grass is greener on the other side , in this process of ogling the other's garden , one forgets the weeds that have started to grow and so, ruins what one had without gaining anything that can be called substantial. So what is the solution ? what can we do to keep ourselves grounded to what we have ? Well a pessimist and idealist might say that if you are not automatically grounded then your passion was never enough , i as always have different opinions on the matter .
 I am thinking of making this article more of a discussion , so that instead of writing a bulk of my own views .. we can have an interactive session , I would appreciate .. it if my readers comment and give their own views for the same