Friday, December 28, 2012

What does this transgression mean ?

I find myself surrounded by 10 eyes. 10 seemingly shocked eyes, the level and nature of surprise in these eyes varies from mock stares to a sense of shocked realisation colored by defeat.

I amuse myself by thinking that these women who are present in my room in the form of art pieces keep a protective eye over me. Much like the portraits of old headmasters in the Headmasters office in the fantasy-fiction Harry Potter series, they seem to observe my actions with the infinitesimal patience of someone who is immortal. Contrary to this observatory glance is the element of wonder in their eyes, much like in those of a child.

Even as I was caught between restarting my preparation for my exam and writing about this mysterious element, my mind began to wander.I remembered how the characters in my earlier paintings had their eyes closed. This transgression from the closed eyes of the earlier works to the seemingly half open eyes - open with part shock and part wonder - seems to have some hidden meaning.This emotiveness  of the eyes seems to talk about something not only in my paintings but also in my murals and shoes.

I see that the eyes of the characters in the shoes have moved from polite astonishment to deep understanding this is also reflected in the success of these shoes ( If I may say so myself )

The murals on the other hand, a new territory have a diety who has his eyes closed too. Are these closed eyes then a symbol of ignorance or deep understanding.
Perhaps it depends from context to context.

What does this transgression mean ?