Thursday, December 8, 2011

Enough tears shed- Fight Violence, in your own way .

Women have been my muse for several of my works, these very women have suffered injustice over the ages. I have expressed my views on ways in which justice may be brought about.

They are typified, objectified, stereotyped and suppressed  in most cultures around the world. Women's suffrage in the modern world was granted earliest in 1881 and is yet to be granted in extremist countries like Saudi Arabia and Vatican City.
Who shall we put the blame upon?
Man? The misogynistic, chauvinistic and  hypocritical prude? After all, it is he who is responsible for disgracing the very gender that gives him life. He who rapes and abuses her.
As easy as it is to put the blame on the big bad wolf, blame games seldom help in bringing about a change. Gandhi preached standing up against injustice, to allow oneself to be oppressed is a greater crime than oppression itself. It's easy to be a victim of society's brutality and atrocity. Courage however is needed to break free. Men need to be sensitized; more importantly though the women need to stand up, raise their voice and hold their ground.

Having said that, Woman having been beaten black and blue, physically as well as emotionally, reflect these very colours on their metaphoric palette. Men can change this, by painting vibrant hues of vermilion, yellows, and pinks on their canvases.

Charity begins at home . My experiences have shown me , that we as individuals are big time hypocrites when it comes to bringing about a change in practice. All parents are liberal about LGBT rights , issues etc but if their daughter/son announces that she/he is Queer , then suddenly , it becomes a crime , all liberalness disappears . Same with the issues concerning women , put one step out of line , and there goes the “Gender Equality”. Argue and be silenced by a slap! Why is the “line of control “ drawn a few inches closer for women than for men?
The following incident, hopefully, shows some light on this very issue.  A friend of mine who happens to be the son of an IAS Officer  witnessed  the scene of a man beating his wife black and blue  ( an Indian Foreign Services officer at that). Moreover his poor mother , in an attempt to protect her daughter-in-law, was pushed and thrown on  the floor.  My friend, called me later that day to narrate the incident as he saw it , I asked him to do a simple thing - ring the bell ( ghanti bajao ). And  yes ,  the next day , when a similar thing happened , it worked . The bell stopped the violence. And even though  it was I who suggested ringing a bell at the time,  I don’t consider  it as a permanent or the best solution .
Ringing the bell  made the man aware of people listening and watching him commit these acts. It didn’t make him realise that the acts are wrong , only that society is watching him, judging him.
So what do we do? How do we protect women?

The question “how do we protect women ?” is the bigger  problem .
A better question, wherein lies the answer is, “How do women protect themselves ? “
Women need to be empowered. In every way , only then can they stand up for themselves . Unless you respect yourself , you cannot expect others to respect you .
As far as urban areas go , an attitude  and  the right body language can speak volumes. Women , especially working women capable of supporting themselves , need to let their men know. “Respect me as much as I respect you or simply FORGET IT”.
As far as rural women go , financial support is an issue , not because they don’t work , but because they don’t respect themselves enough to consider their work -labour- as work .
Moreover, a mafia of sorts can work wonders , women looking out for each other . No matter how bad the conditions in rural India , a large group ( like Bollywood dances ) works wonders . Urban societies can have a similar arrangement .
One of the major obstacles in the working of  such a group is not its effectiveness or  formation. The problem is that most women hold their personal and family lives very close to their heart , and would rather suffer than speak out about  domestic violence (brining us back to the need  for self-respect) .
To arm oneself is equally important. Kick-boxing , karate , kung-fu, pepper sprays are essential not only to protect oneself from domestic violence, but also from dangerous strangers/stalkers/attackers etc .
A rolling pin ( “belan” ) is more than sufficient to disfigure a man’s features, facial and otherwise( other utensils work the same ) .
The solution , is not in the weapon, but in the attitude .
Just like with paintings , there are plenty of tools. I work with one , another works with the other. What matters is the expression. The song sung by a baritone or a nightingale is sweet, when the melody strikes a chord :P , when the words make sense .

This Blog is part of the Men Say No Blogathon, encouraging men to take up action against the violence faced by women. 
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P.P.S-The painting below is symbolic of many things , but it is also symbolic of the condition of women today , their lives , their troubles . There is darkness , pitch darkness in crevices ,corners , doors and windows  where injustice breeds , where screams are silenced and the bruised are bruised again . 
 At the same time there is light , so much light .If only this light could enter those corners all such acts would end and give way to a better society . How this light shall enter ? . Well its  not a difficult answer to come up with .  ( especially if you have read the post above ;) ) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Let the Sun and Moon speak , lets introspect quietly

How is it , its hard to explain , but , honestly , its hard to just hate.
And its hard to love ,
Someone can do the most awful things and yet when you pray , with the initial motive of praying for yourself , you just make a prayer to lord , to give the person you seemingly hate so much ( or want to hate so so much ) more kindness , more wisdom .
It all began on a beautiful Saturday when things were supposed to go in the best way possible , but they didn't happen , there were obstacles , and there was somehow no Ganesh around , it was a Shani day , when immediate actions , immediate karma , causes immediate effects .
And things just got ugly, have you felt the pain , the sorrow of a thing of beauty sitting in you bosom being snatched away just cause it was difficult for you to believe in its existence ?
If you haven't , it would be nice to feel it , for even in the lesson of misery you will learn to love the moments which aren't miserable .
As the snatching happened , as the beautiful spirit , the medium of expression was taken away , there were curses , and Durga was called .
The songs of sorrow were posted ,gossip happened , rumours spread , tears - no , no tears shed.
And then as I planned to try and get back the spirit , the medium of expression back from the clutches of the
personification of mercilessness , things got - YES, you guessed it right , things got worse .
In all my life , never did I saw someone so frail , someone so affected , someone would ego that would burn the Colosseum  and leave no ashes.
And so when Durga didn't help ( not to immediate affect anyway) , I took to Sun , I took to mediation ,
It was then that the realization came about  " its hard to explain , but , honestly , its hard to just hate. ".
Yes it is hard to love .
 Its wonderful to hear when someone says they love you .
Its terrible when you are not sure you want to repeat the same three words to that another one .
Can the fragility of physical interaction , and that too cliche' physical interaction affect everything ?
Can the simplicity of hands joining in unison , or affection for the world to see be signs good enough for the purity and sanity of love ?.
Yes and no .
Is an answer possible?
Perhaps I should turn to the moon next.
To find out if  the other statement hold true too ? And so I say "Is it hard to love ?"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A walk to remember

As I saw the moon today in it's full glory I walked towards it .....
He was my companion I was his ..…
The street around me faded and he was all I had eyes for
Yes, another companion would be welcome , but this walk was one to remember …
It is so peculiar that of all the wonders that exist , we take them for granted …
Of all the music and films we see..…
Of all the paintings we appreciate .…
We forget the music HE created…
The sights SHE made …
Oh beautiful moon ..… I feel the woman will want to see an image of ur beauty In their husbands …
It is peculiar that the walk to remember.
Is one , one day before tomorrows festival …
Yesterday at 11:18pm

Expect the trees to sing and they shall not disappoint

I am new to photography but art is found in the eyes , in the heart and the mind .... See and tell me what you feel

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Of birds and feather , of tombs and tales , a sketch awaits :)

I came back to Safdarjung Tomb today !.You know how people say that "it seemed like ages".No, to me it was like going back to my own spot . The sand , the soil was all wet , the place dancing with the sounds of all those birds ( I don't like the crow croaking but that's another story! ) .It was so nice to just watch things observe them , no need to have a distinct purpose , its true that I had gone there to sketch , but observing all of it , the play of light and dark , the beauty of the faded colours . There were so many hooks and knobs there which could have been for any purpose , I was imaging Chandeliers in the main hall , and yet I didn't think they were necessary .The light from the first floor through the Roshandans ,the remains of colour in the carving and the corners ,the entrances , their shapes and orientations . It was an architectural/art orgasm !
Despite the beauty of it all and the strange appreciation I had for the algae covered  .
I didn't want to sit around in the main building and so I ventured to see the spaces in the four directions from the entrances of the tomb itself . Disgusted to find that two of the structures were painted white and made into offices (hell why ?? ).
But as they say light shall prevail ...and so it did.
Through the trees ,the rays of the sunshine showed me a minaret , so dark and so addictive( to the intuitive mind :) ).And so with my bags all set , I set foot to see it .
The path had tyre tracks but I loved the red sand , I wonder whether the mughals got red sand from somewhere or whether it is a part of delhi itself.
I see the minaret and I know it calls me . The only fear was that it might be boarded or locked like the first floor of the tomb ! :( .And so I asked some helpers there if there is an opening ?My bad and the drawing book was a sufficient reason as to why I asked this question :) and so they directed me of a small opening in which I being all slim ;) will be able to fit in hehe ..( sorry for the vanity :P )
I entered the gate , all rusty and so prison cell like , and climbed the stairs , showing the wrinkles ,and cracks of past , the algae somehow was a symbol of history , it spoke to the walls , even though it hid what man did , a lot of structures ,designs and carvings were camouflaged by it , as if nature was covering the footprints that man has left .
OOooh . i think too much hehe.!!
But then it was after all gorgeous! The top of the minaret seemed like a perfect mandap ! ( ironic isn't it ) .
The mesh windows , the black dome , and the greenry .
As I was coming towards the minaret I had seen two other locked entrances , and so , when I found some stairs near the base of the structure I wasn't surprised .
However when I followed my curiosity down the stairs , I heard voices of probably Bats!!.and so I didn't venture , though next time I am sure gonna! ..
After that it went all calm and well , I heard peacocks , crows , sparrows and pigeons , the sun became hotter
But suddenly 20 eagles came out of nowhere !!....all circling a spot in the lawn below , the crows joined in , worried for myself a little , I asked the workers what all was going on and whether it was safe to work there...
As it seems , they were enjoying the weather OR a snake was lurking in the bushes .Irrespective of the reason , I soon became comfortable with them and was intrigued when a peacock joined in , it was so beautiful that all of the birds had joined in this thing .no one disturbing the other .!!!...
Soon however all that remained of the scene were the echoes of those birds..
I looked around the minaret and also discovered that it was a nice place to make out sans the algae ;).
I had completed the sketch , it was ultra modern in a sense that it covered only parts I loved , but didn't let the viewer know everything about the place .I don't like describing my paintings that much since it influences the reader but then , the fingers slip :).
Soon a boy aged 12 , came by probably a relative of the workers , and stood next to me ( happens a lot of time ) .He was enjoying the silly mad boy sketching , but then it was rather distracting , a human presence for some reason is distracting .
So I tell the boy to let me finish and sweet as he is he leaves . He starts walking on the ramps next to the walls surrounding the entire place . at first I was scared as to how he could do it , he might  fall yada yada yada .
But then he seemed okay . He came back with a few peacock feathers and so i asked him whether he sells them , to which he said no !..
I took the opportunity to ask him if he would give me some , he happily agrees .
But the sketching gets to me , and I start walking on the ramp , and what do I find an eagle's feather . I continue the walking till I meet its end , find strange seed , flowers and more peacock feathers.!!..
The sketch continues and the sun burns , tommorow or some other day I shall search for more mysteries , and complete the tale .
The tale shall end with the sketch complete
now readers let me leave
love you lots
forget me not
the sketch shall soon come
and greet your eyes
wait wait till sunsets and
i rise :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Feedback

Okay ... Readers ! 
I needed some feedback -
Would  you people be interested in viewing a painting process ? As in , pictures of my painting in the making ?.. 
Please reply !! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The French Connection

If only!!!!
P.S- Karan Vohra owns the copyright to all his art works

the tilak

Karan Vohra owns copyright to this and all his other works of art

.EASTern lilies

Karan Vohra owns the copyright of this and all of his paintings.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am Back .. I hope :)

Its been a pretty long time since I posted ,it makes me really guilty.. cause I have a feeling that small as my readership might be they are very important to me for they give me importance by just coming down here to read what I have to say , paint , read , write :).
I have read some really interesting books in the past 2 months - being -
  1. The Good Thief - HannahTinti
  2. Water
  3. Luka and the fire- Salman Rushdie
  4. Anne Frank - Diary of a young girl
  5. Reading - Man and his symbols by Dr.Carl G. Jung
All are good books . While two of them are pretty popular , 2 others are masterpieces and well 1 of them - i just have to find out more about it .
I hope to post their book reviews soon .
But right now i would like to post a painting i just made . The temples of Vrindavan and Mathura inspired me to make it , but there is a  lot more to it than the inspiration for work on it has been on for about 4 months , I mean I didnt  paint it continuosly for 4 months , what I mean is that it has been done in parts , depending on my moods , tell me about it , what you feel , your interpretation .. everything . I love to hear from you lot . .:)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Active" Retreat at the Lodi Gardens

Continuing with my expedition of the beautiful historic places in Delhi , my recent trip was to the "Lodi Gardens "
It was an enjoyable experience but was a little dampened by the arrival of an entire school ( or rather 4 to 6th Standards ) .. for picnic . The children drove me a little mad , but they were cute all the same . Enough of that . The Gardens provide a whole myriad of monuments for one to sketch , I found myself totally confused on which one to choose first , it was a child who came to my rescue .He says " Paint anyone bhaiya , you can come and paint the rest the next time you come " . Cute ain't he ?Hehehe.. Anyways I ended up with two things a oil sketch of Sheesh Gumbad and a warning - either come and sit at the gardens at 4am or check the schedule of all the schools around for picnic .

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sketching At Safdarjung's Tomb - Invigorating

Today, I had a revelation , I experienced something so awesome that I find myself short of words  it hard to describe it in words. On a whim I went to Safdarjung tomb and Lodi Gardens to sketch , little did I know that I would enjoy it as much as I did . The place was so epic , the peace and creativity that i felt in that historic place is beyond words . I went there with just a sketch book and some charcoal . The Safdarjung's tomb is a delight for anyone looking for some solitude , photography , painting and the combination of all of these . With the birds chirping in typical bollywood fashion , beautiful trees , freshly cut grass , and the scent of old walls , simply terrific . I intend to go to Lodi Gardens next . I will write more about the entire visit i.e I will elaborate later , but for now have a look at my sketch . Though I try to be modest the final product was much more often than the amateur photo of the sketch that I have taken ... .

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dont let go of what you have

I have noticed that many a times we run after the things we don't have , there is nothing wrong in it so long as you do not forget what you have . I for instance have been neglecting my art work for some while so as to be in the upper ranks of the social heirachy that exists even between friends ( unfortunate as it is ) . And so I truly did understand this entire thing . It is human tendency to look in the neighbor's garden always assuming that the grass is greener on the other side , in this process of ogling the other's garden , one forgets the weeds that have started to grow and so, ruins what one had without gaining anything that can be called substantial. So what is the solution ? what can we do to keep ourselves grounded to what we have ? Well a pessimist and idealist might say that if you are not automatically grounded then your passion was never enough , i as always have different opinions on the matter .
 I am thinking of making this article more of a discussion , so that instead of writing a bulk of my own views .. we can have an interactive session , I would appreciate .. it if my readers comment and give their own views for the same

Monday, January 31, 2011

TO Be or NOT to Be

This article is dedicated to every Engineer who ever thought or still thinks of another artistic career that will some how cross paths on the road to  the engineering degree or perhaps if not that ,then en-route the post grad one . Since I am pretty fresh from my 1st semester , I do not have sufficient experience to claim or declaim the promises of competitions that supposedly keep our artistic passions alive irrespective I am definite,  that even if there were such competitions , the regret of not having been able to become  a novelist , artist or sculptor etc does not fade away by competing in contests . But then again , what to choose? stability or passion ? It all comes to -which road are you willing to take - the one less traveled by or the one that has ,on it faded footsteps of known-unknown alike .Engineers are problem solvers and so a sense of practicality and logic is inherent in most of their decisions , but what happens when this practicality is fused together with the eccentricity of an artist . The combination can turn out to be at once disastrous and spectacular depending on the way you view it . I am of the belief that one can have the best of both worlds , you can be at once an engineer and a novelist ( or the like )  , all it requires is perseverance , dedication  and passion .As with every failure , we blame ours on destiny , or perhaps will of God but that is simply stating - cowardice , if you couldn't succeed in  making the two things work together , then blame yourself and know that- maybe you never  were as dedicated as the next guy .Situations do play an important role , but situations do not  make your life , you make your life by acting in the right or wrong way in such situations . As hard as all of this sounds , it isn't , for there are innumerous examples , personalities and lives that can inspire and motivate us every day . For instance “Arundhati Roy” - author of acclaimed novel "God of small things" is also an architect , “Chetan Bhagat” is not only an author but also a consultant/engineer , “Karan Bajaj “- author of "Johnny Gone Down" is also part of this group ,”Heddy Larner” was a  Hollywood actress who made significant contributions to engineering , there are many fashion designer that were initially doctors, engineer turned models etc  . Just look in the right places and you will find your own personal flame of hope , warming  and inspiring you  always . I hope all of you get to this destination and figure out whether " To be or Not to be”.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

JohnnY Gone Down by Karan Bajaj


Nikhil Arya falls into destiny's trap . Is he prepared ? Well he will have to find out that for himself . Nikil an MIT student goes on a trip to Cambodia , the trip does'nt go good unless you call being amputated "good" or living in a basement surrounded by your excrement and the smell of a dead-friend's corpse as "good" . He somehow escapes and founds himself in a Buddhist Monastery . And so his life turns and twist from one tale to another .
On and on , it takes Nikhil aka Buddha aka Nick aka Donos aka Sahib to Cambodia-Brazil-Silicon Valley and finally India . 
I have been wanting to read the book since the first time is saw it on the  "Crossword" shelves , also it was suggested to me by a Dial-a-book service employee .Moving on 
The book is a light read despite the exotic locations , and dangerous circumstances in play .It is pretty entertaining specially  for all those Indians who have always wanted to see an Indian version of a guy who does not loose his nerve in a problematic situation . I would have said the Indian James Bond , but since all of you readers are past cliche's I wouldn't want to use one ,specially when its all wrong .Nikhil is not some special agent , he is a simple guy who touches people's lives in a way which is not what you call usual or temporary .
All throughout he is setting the perfect example of a man who never gives up 
I love everything about the book other than this one thing , Nikhil is just too intelligent , too physically perfect (other than that left arm ) , emotionally stable and creative . Call me jealous , but other than  Sidney Sheldon characters there are few who master such "perfection" cause even those characters can never attain modesty that he possesses .
The book is more of an NRI clan , there is little Indian about him  other than his background .
That however is not a flaw , since the author has proved the point, that, you dont have to add unnecessary decorations to make the protagonist more Indian .The entire book is about how everyone , everywhere has similar capabilities and  qualities .A foreigner of a friend willing to give his life for you is better than the school buddy whose name you don't remember at the school re-union . 
I found few similarities between me and the protagonist , me and the author and  the protagonist and the author.
I wonder which pusa road school he has studied at , because if its the same as mine , another similarity will be added to the list :p
Mr Karan Bajaj
The author seems very modest ,and can even be contacted on his email 
Well I am not that bad myself , so if you need me just comment and I will be all ears for you .