Saturday, August 13, 2011

Of birds and feather , of tombs and tales , a sketch awaits :)

I came back to Safdarjung Tomb today !.You know how people say that "it seemed like ages".No, to me it was like going back to my own spot . The sand , the soil was all wet , the place dancing with the sounds of all those birds ( I don't like the crow croaking but that's another story! ) .It was so nice to just watch things observe them , no need to have a distinct purpose , its true that I had gone there to sketch , but observing all of it , the play of light and dark , the beauty of the faded colours . There were so many hooks and knobs there which could have been for any purpose , I was imaging Chandeliers in the main hall , and yet I didn't think they were necessary .The light from the first floor through the Roshandans ,the remains of colour in the carving and the corners ,the entrances , their shapes and orientations . It was an architectural/art orgasm !
Despite the beauty of it all and the strange appreciation I had for the algae covered  .
I didn't want to sit around in the main building and so I ventured to see the spaces in the four directions from the entrances of the tomb itself . Disgusted to find that two of the structures were painted white and made into offices (hell why ?? ).
But as they say light shall prevail ...and so it did.
Through the trees ,the rays of the sunshine showed me a minaret , so dark and so addictive( to the intuitive mind :) ).And so with my bags all set , I set foot to see it .
The path had tyre tracks but I loved the red sand , I wonder whether the mughals got red sand from somewhere or whether it is a part of delhi itself.
I see the minaret and I know it calls me . The only fear was that it might be boarded or locked like the first floor of the tomb ! :( .And so I asked some helpers there if there is an opening ?My bad and the drawing book was a sufficient reason as to why I asked this question :) and so they directed me of a small opening in which I being all slim ;) will be able to fit in hehe ..( sorry for the vanity :P )
I entered the gate , all rusty and so prison cell like , and climbed the stairs , showing the wrinkles ,and cracks of past , the algae somehow was a symbol of history , it spoke to the walls , even though it hid what man did , a lot of structures ,designs and carvings were camouflaged by it , as if nature was covering the footprints that man has left .
OOooh . i think too much hehe.!!
But then it was after all gorgeous! The top of the minaret seemed like a perfect mandap ! ( ironic isn't it ) .
The mesh windows , the black dome , and the greenry .
As I was coming towards the minaret I had seen two other locked entrances , and so , when I found some stairs near the base of the structure I wasn't surprised .
However when I followed my curiosity down the stairs , I heard voices of probably Bats!!.and so I didn't venture , though next time I am sure gonna! ..
After that it went all calm and well , I heard peacocks , crows , sparrows and pigeons , the sun became hotter
But suddenly 20 eagles came out of nowhere !!....all circling a spot in the lawn below , the crows joined in , worried for myself a little , I asked the workers what all was going on and whether it was safe to work there...
As it seems , they were enjoying the weather OR a snake was lurking in the bushes .Irrespective of the reason , I soon became comfortable with them and was intrigued when a peacock joined in , it was so beautiful that all of the birds had joined in this thing .no one disturbing the other .!!!...
Soon however all that remained of the scene were the echoes of those birds..
I looked around the minaret and also discovered that it was a nice place to make out sans the algae ;).
I had completed the sketch , it was ultra modern in a sense that it covered only parts I loved , but didn't let the viewer know everything about the place .I don't like describing my paintings that much since it influences the reader but then , the fingers slip :).
Soon a boy aged 12 , came by probably a relative of the workers , and stood next to me ( happens a lot of time ) .He was enjoying the silly mad boy sketching , but then it was rather distracting , a human presence for some reason is distracting .
So I tell the boy to let me finish and sweet as he is he leaves . He starts walking on the ramps next to the walls surrounding the entire place . at first I was scared as to how he could do it , he might  fall yada yada yada .
But then he seemed okay . He came back with a few peacock feathers and so i asked him whether he sells them , to which he said no !..
I took the opportunity to ask him if he would give me some , he happily agrees .
But the sketching gets to me , and I start walking on the ramp , and what do I find an eagle's feather . I continue the walking till I meet its end , find strange seed , flowers and more peacock feathers.!!..
The sketch continues and the sun burns , tommorow or some other day I shall search for more mysteries , and complete the tale .
The tale shall end with the sketch complete
now readers let me leave
love you lots
forget me not
the sketch shall soon come
and greet your eyes
wait wait till sunsets and
i rise :)

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Incognita said...

The last few lines give me goosebumps. I like all the sun references. It takes so many cycles - (janmas?) - to complete the tale. I wonder when the completion will be and how?