Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Document your mistakes, Set yourself free

Documenting your mistakes is probably more important than framing your achievments and hanging them on a wall . Our regrets and mistakes are embedded in our heart , and just as I have said it time and again , your experiences and the voice of your heart our the most accurate resources to become a better happier person .  Since regrets and mistakes are housed by our heart it is only right that we go back to them , not to feel pain , but to learn from them . One should not forget harsh / hard times - Let me rephrase . One should not forget the lessons learnt from hard times , remembering the pain is fool's choice .
I have been reading , analysing and noticing a patten in my actions . Even as the pattern is intact , it is collapsing , the vicious cycle of careless thoughtless mistakes is breaking . Four days of "nonsense" is replaced by three days of "silliness" , soon it will become four days of "Optimal Usage" .
And so I suggest to all , give up your egos , learn from your follies , become a better person .
Shine Shine
Come , let's talk to the divine
Let that sun shine ,
let the moon whisper into your ears catch you unawares
Bask in the warmth ,
Bask in their mystery ,
Willful endeavors aren't easy to take on
but that's the fun of it you horny little fellow ;)

Depth First Search ;)

To be confused isn't a bad thing to be. When your confusion makes you inquisitive, you question the norms, and in questioning them you not only find answers but also discover other possibilities. Discovery, re-discovery, and invention together make you a better person. Hence, you mold yourself rather than being manipulated by social constructs and societal norms. I am thinking about existence, love, God and the composite of myriad other energies; I find clarity in the fact that I ain't rigid, I am questioning, and questioning is a good thing :)

Sneaking "into" those windows

Even as you face your past ,
As windows bring back to you familiar light , familiar darkness
As desires then unfulfilled are no longer so
And promises to oneself seem a mix of show
the glamour of innocence that lead to those promises
insecurities that led to lieing in the mirror
I look up , proud as I fly , I break those walls of false shine
the glass shards fall , and as they disappear
the sun shines on them , reminds me of the challenges to face
those dreams seem to be realised now
those insecurities lessened
Honesty forever is a turn on