Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneaking "into" those windows

Even as you face your past ,
As windows bring back to you familiar light , familiar darkness
As desires then unfulfilled are no longer so
And promises to oneself seem a mix of show
the glamour of innocence that lead to those promises
insecurities that led to lieing in the mirror
I look up , proud as I fly , I break those walls of false shine
the glass shards fall , and as they disappear
the sun shines on them , reminds me of the challenges to face
those dreams seem to be realised now
those insecurities lessened
Honesty forever is a turn on

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Chakratirtha Travels said...

My heart aches whenever I make a brief stop on this blog as I travel through cyberspace.
There are so many conversations waiting to be had here. Sometimes one hears a whisper or two and then they too die down :( Don't leave this lonely child of yours crying in the wilderness. Nurture it and raise it to where it belongs!