Friday, December 10, 2010

Thinking of starting another blog

Hi folks ,
I have been writing a lot of serious stuff , like book reviews , poems and articles , so I thought "Hey , lets write something on a more personal note " . I am writing this post on a weekend , after having seen the film "Nine Months" , and it occurs to me , that I have got so much to say about this film as well . Guaranteed , that a film is never as brilliantly detailed as a book , exceptions off course exist like - Frida , Brokeback Mountain , Dead Poet's Society , The Reader etc , never the less ; it got me thinking that I should start a blog about films as well .
I dont know if I should make it a seperate blog or just keep on writing about films in this blog itself . And so I think its best that I ask you the readers , on what I should do . Please do leave a  comment . I would also like to inform all readers that I am reading this book "The Glass Room" by "Simon Mawer" . I hope to post the review soon , the book does seem promising so far . :)