Friday, April 26, 2013

Marilyn and Absolut Vodka: representatives of popular culture

Marilyn Monroe and Absolut Vodka, two of my recent creations are representative of popular culture. One of the issues with popular culture is that often the knowledge of the very tessellations that together form this tetrahedron of a pop culture is lesser known among the masses. I have learnt much about Marilyn from seeing movies about her and movies in which she acted. "The week with Marilyn" is one of the former while "Some like it hot" and "Gentlemen prefer blondes" of the latter. I urge you, dear followers to find out more about these very tessellations. :)

Absolut Vodka Shoes.

Wearable Art Project
© Karan Vohra - Karan Leo Arts
"From one drunk to another" - We bring you Absolut Vodka Shoes.
The Absolut Vodka bottle is legendary, its shape is lyrical and the bottle itself is symbolic of several things .