Sunday, October 27, 2013


******1. I have sketching pencils which have the same skin making it cumbersome for me to check everytime the grade of the pencil before using it.

When one is sketching and espcially if one is doing a fast sketch there isn't time to check each pencil to land at the correct grade of pencil. Most pencils loose their grade markings as it is, hence there needs to be a system that helps me to intuitively recognize the grade of pencil I need from the lot. Also if the pencils are always placed at the same place in the pencil box it might help. 

Week 1

A Pilot V7 Hi-techpoint
I love this artifact because the pen is very smooth and precise, the ink glides like butter on paper. I enjoy drawing and for fast drawing or sketches this is an indispensable tool for not only is it smooth, but it can be used to add volume and thicker lines. A pen does not allow the use of an eraser hence one gets more confidence in sketching by gaining freedom.

Ten Everyday Gaps or Problems
******1. I have sketching pencils which have the same skin making it cumbersome for me to check everytime the grade of the pencil before using it.
2. My desk is very badly organised. I bought a long desk (about 6 feet) in order to spread out my work, even as that was an intelligent decision the desk still looks unorganized
3. Filling water in bottles from the Filter is cumbersome hence a way to reduce the strain on a person. 
4 In order to increase privacy I want a simple bell or ring that warns me when someone is about a feet from my room door. 
5. The wires of my laptop, television, speakers and usb cords keep on entangling with each other. 
6. Pigeons sit on my window sills and are a big bother, they make nests etc
7.I am a student and hence keep limited amount of money with me, at times I end up spending all the money and don't have the small change required to travel, hence a system that allows me to keep a safety money in my bag at all times. 
8. My chair is very comfortable but it has arm rests which I don't require at all times, when i need more arm or  hand movement it acts as an obstacle. the arms should be adjustable and could fold outwords to increase sitting space (as in I could sit cross legged). 
9. I have clothes which cannot be washed with the rest of the clothes in the washing machine, at the same time I don't want to waste money on Dry cleaning, hence a system of tagging or storage that helps sort these things out. 
10. Indian pyjamas don't have pockets for some unfathomable reason, pockets are however essential even as they are mere comfort or night wear. Same pocketless concept applies to Salwar Suits wore by Indian Women, which don't have pockets.

Sketch of Chair

Q1.4 the gap I am addressing is of making it easier for the user to recognize the grade of shading pencils. The approach I have used here is to color code them. I am thinking of color coding them in the VIBGYOR order plus black and white. I have also thought of attaching small magnets to each pencil and storing them in a metallic box so that they retain their place. The visual sketches and a prototype are as follows 


Kim - The Sun.

A very happy birthday to Kim, a little dedication to this beautiful soul

There is a bright shining light up in the sky
Guiding you, offering you comfort on this journey
It's beautiful, its omnipresent,
What can you give her?
Besides love, for she takes love with her arms open wide
She drinks your tears and compares them to the sweetness of honey
She is timeless, a cheerleader, in one of those costumes,
A grandmother, and a person your own age, whatever age you may be,
If words were diamonds and poems, necklaces, there aren't enough diamonds in this world to make this necklace
I can offer you a warm embrace, to make you feel my love Kimmy
that twinkle in your eye is priceless,
lots of love