Saturday, January 19, 2013

Creating Art

Creation in itself takes a while not because of a dearth of ideas but instead because of procrastination.
How do we get down to creating an art form that we have been training ourselves to create our entire life?
How do we get round to writing, painting, singing or dancing our heart out?

I am trying to answer this question :)
One of the ways to create is to listen, watch, read and observe.
One of my current project is allowing me to research.
This is one of many stimuli.

Disclaimer -  I have no rights on this video it's owned by Queen I am just expressing the delight and inspiration I felt on listening to this song and hence sharing it

Press Coverage - Deccan Chronicle /Asian Age - 6/01/13

Press Coverage - Midday 3/01/13

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"ARE YOU tired of wearing similar looking, mass produced shoes that flood the stores? If you have an eye for exclusivity, then Karan Vohra’s Shoe Art Project is the place to go. This computer science engineering student painstakingly paints every pair of sneakers ( in pic ) with the hippest designs around.

The artist dips into various forms of creativity for inspiration such as theatre, poetry and music to craft designs on different media such as paper, wood, walls and now shoes.

The final result: a plethora of exciting references that catch the eye by surprise.

While he sticks to constructivism for his ‘ wearable art project’, the young talent ventures into surrealism and impressionism to make portraits.

For his current collection of art- shoes, Vohra takes a page out of popular culture, using vivid colours and celebrating youth icons.

The familiar faces, city landscapes and lyrics to popular songs come together to create a dialogue on larger contemporary issues in society. Vohra even allows customers to provide their own shoes for customisation, after which, depending on the design, they can take from a day up to a whole week to be designed.

The sneakers are colourful and work well for a young, preppy look.

Match them with skinny jeans or thick leggings and a warm bombur jacket for the perfect shopping look in the day.

Add a pair of classic Wayfarers to complete the style. From Marilyn Monroe to Homer Simpson to questions of sexual liberation, each laced- up twosome is a unique work of art."

Bart Simpson Shoes Simpsons #2

Press Coverage - The Delhi Age- Asian Age 1/01/13

Press Coverage in the New Indian Express 31/12/12

Coverage in another National Daily THE SUNDAY STANDARD of the New INDIAN EXPRESS . Please follow the link :)
"History is testimony to the use of art in shoe design, varying significantly across cultures. Be it Lady Gaga who routinely strikes a statement with her nine-inch Swarovski-studded high-heels or the girl-next-door in her ballerinas, all take footwear fashion to another level. Twenty-year-old Karan Vohra found his niche in a pair of shoes that he turned into a piece of art. The Shoe Art Project, started by him, has since added funk and colour to the lives of many.

Having grown up around different forms of art—sensual form of renaissance, impressionism, constructivism, or wearable art—he draws inspiration from two distinct schools: sensualism and abstractism. “The process towards making every pair is a journey, a mutual exchange of thoughts between the artists and the wearer,” says Vohra.

More than just an expression of his many musings, art has always been his window to the world. The canvases simply mirror the artistic means he employs through his wandering mind of fascination. “In fact, many a times, the act of painting is a subconscious state in itself. My choice of medium depends on the strength and opacity of the feeling or situation that I am trying to express, consciously or otherwise. My canvas has continuously transformed from paper to wood to walls and more recently, to shoes. Hence, the use of objects, characters, personalities are purely based on how I am feeling and thinking,” says Vohra.

For a person who considers art an exploration to discover the world, he has continuously employed different techniques to his art form. ‘‘The stimulus for my works has been a combination of theatrics, poetry and melody. In fact, sometimes my paintings are inspired from poems, doodles and scribbling I’ve penned down hastily,’’ he says. To get a customised pair of shoes, call 9968398154."

Madonna ( more pictures )

MAdONNa #2