Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This entire week I was very happy, at first it was difficult to know what I was happy about .. but then it came to me and it made me happier still… I never thought I have always found it easy to talk to people but connecting with them is a different thing all together. I love to be around them, but it is difficult to find someone who makes you want to be the real you.

Mostly you find people who expect you to change or to be on the same wavelength as they are , but when a person wants you to be you ,it makes you smile like a 500watt bulb ( don’t know if 500watt bulbs exist but all the same ) . I guess it has more to do with the fact that , that person is already on your wavelength

People talk about trust, well I have a lot to say about trust , don’t trust facts , don’t trust a book with figures , trust only two things your experiences and your heart . for only your  heart knows you as well as anyone can , and it will give you the best advice possible .

Another observation I made over the week is that , accepting yourself , might make you happy or sad , but irrespective of that , it teaches you that you are unique and no less no more than anyone else because you are just that ,you are  UNIQUE .. and that is something you should be proud of .

I feel like singing and dancing ,  I keep dancing all the time and people ask what are you so happy about ( you see my exams are on , so its not a very happy time for my friends right now , haha. ) , but well I don’t have an answer. I am sorry readers , that even though I share everything with you , I have been just beating around the bush , when some one is happy after a long time he deserves some mystery doesn't he ?

Another point before I switch back to the lame place called the “real world” .. never take any one for granted , if a person trusts you and expresses it , give back that trust , don’t ask silly questions like- “why does that person trust me in the first place ?”
P.S – I speak from experience