Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Let the Sun and Moon speak , lets introspect quietly

How is it , its hard to explain , but , honestly , its hard to just hate.
And its hard to love ,
Someone can do the most awful things and yet when you pray , with the initial motive of praying for yourself , you just make a prayer to lord , to give the person you seemingly hate so much ( or want to hate so so much ) more kindness , more wisdom .
It all began on a beautiful Saturday when things were supposed to go in the best way possible , but they didn't happen , there were obstacles , and there was somehow no Ganesh around , it was a Shani day , when immediate actions , immediate karma , causes immediate effects .
And things just got ugly, have you felt the pain , the sorrow of a thing of beauty sitting in you bosom being snatched away just cause it was difficult for you to believe in its existence ?
If you haven't , it would be nice to feel it , for even in the lesson of misery you will learn to love the moments which aren't miserable .
As the snatching happened , as the beautiful spirit , the medium of expression was taken away , there were curses , and Durga was called .
The songs of sorrow were posted ,gossip happened , rumours spread , tears - no , no tears shed.
And then as I planned to try and get back the spirit , the medium of expression back from the clutches of the
personification of mercilessness , things got - YES, you guessed it right , things got worse .
In all my life , never did I saw someone so frail , someone so affected , someone would ego that would burn the Colosseum  and leave no ashes.
And so when Durga didn't help ( not to immediate affect anyway) , I took to Sun , I took to mediation ,
It was then that the realization came about  " its hard to explain , but , honestly , its hard to just hate. ".
Yes it is hard to love .
 Its wonderful to hear when someone says they love you .
Its terrible when you are not sure you want to repeat the same three words to that another one .
Can the fragility of physical interaction , and that too cliche' physical interaction affect everything ?
Can the simplicity of hands joining in unison , or affection for the world to see be signs good enough for the purity and sanity of love ?.
Yes and no .
Is an answer possible?
Perhaps I should turn to the moon next.
To find out if  the other statement hold true too ? And so I say "Is it hard to love ?"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A walk to remember

As I saw the moon today in it's full glory I walked towards it .....
He was my companion I was his ..…
The street around me faded and he was all I had eyes for
Yes, another companion would be welcome , but this walk was one to remember …
It is so peculiar that of all the wonders that exist , we take them for granted …
Of all the music and films we see..…
Of all the paintings we appreciate .…
We forget the music HE created…
The sights SHE made …
Oh beautiful moon ..… I feel the woman will want to see an image of ur beauty In their husbands …
It is peculiar that the walk to remember.
Is one , one day before tomorrows festival …
Yesterday at 11:18pm

Expect the trees to sing and they shall not disappoint

I am new to photography but art is found in the eyes , in the heart and the mind .... See and tell me what you feel