Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let the Sun and Moon speak , lets introspect quietly

How is it , its hard to explain , but , honestly , its hard to just hate.
And its hard to love ,
Someone can do the most awful things and yet when you pray , with the initial motive of praying for yourself , you just make a prayer to lord , to give the person you seemingly hate so much ( or want to hate so so much ) more kindness , more wisdom .
It all began on a beautiful Saturday when things were supposed to go in the best way possible , but they didn't happen , there were obstacles , and there was somehow no Ganesh around , it was a Shani day , when immediate actions , immediate karma , causes immediate effects .
And things just got ugly, have you felt the pain , the sorrow of a thing of beauty sitting in you bosom being snatched away just cause it was difficult for you to believe in its existence ?
If you haven't , it would be nice to feel it , for even in the lesson of misery you will learn to love the moments which aren't miserable .
As the snatching happened , as the beautiful spirit , the medium of expression was taken away , there were curses , and Durga was called .
The songs of sorrow were posted ,gossip happened , rumours spread , tears - no , no tears shed.
And then as I planned to try and get back the spirit , the medium of expression back from the clutches of the
personification of mercilessness , things got - YES, you guessed it right , things got worse .
In all my life , never did I saw someone so frail , someone so affected , someone would ego that would burn the Colosseum  and leave no ashes.
And so when Durga didn't help ( not to immediate affect anyway) , I took to Sun , I took to mediation ,
It was then that the realization came about  " its hard to explain , but , honestly , its hard to just hate. ".
Yes it is hard to love .
 Its wonderful to hear when someone says they love you .
Its terrible when you are not sure you want to repeat the same three words to that another one .
Can the fragility of physical interaction , and that too cliche' physical interaction affect everything ?
Can the simplicity of hands joining in unison , or affection for the world to see be signs good enough for the purity and sanity of love ?.
Yes and no .
Is an answer possible?
Perhaps I should turn to the moon next.
To find out if  the other statement hold true too ? And so I say "Is it hard to love ?"


Kim said...

You have such an amazing combination of adult wisdom and childlike searching. You certainly seem to have grasped the subtleties of life--the interconnectness of love and hate, the presence of good in the midst of evil and vice versa. Your outreaching for the divine is so moving--and your acceptance of human frailty and failing is so bold. An interesting mix of the seeker and the skeptic seems to color all your interactions with reality. Keep searching Karan, in both your art and your prayer. The journey is the destination. "The goal is not to arrive, but to journey well"--Buddha

Incognita said...

That's a beautiful shadow of a heart your lens has captured. It is almost not daring to ask the question
"Is it hard to love?" Yes love often works best under the comforting cover of darkness, in the soft shadows that moonlight creates. The moon will have more answers for you Karan. God has blessed you with so many gifts. Let them empower you!

Incognita said...

Sometimes I just like to load this page and sit here quietly with my thoughts. Thank you for this beautiful space where you have opened up your heart to your readers.
Thought I would post this here as well
"Mysterious moon found me crying in the dark
Heard my footsteps on the stairs
Mysterious moon found me crying
But the sun dried my tears
Showed he cares"
No I didn't write it :) You can Google it.

Incognita said...

I miss your posts. Write something soon :)