Friday, December 10, 2010

Thinking of starting another blog

Hi folks ,
I have been writing a lot of serious stuff , like book reviews , poems and articles , so I thought "Hey , lets write something on a more personal note " . I am writing this post on a weekend , after having seen the film "Nine Months" , and it occurs to me , that I have got so much to say about this film as well . Guaranteed , that a film is never as brilliantly detailed as a book , exceptions off course exist like - Frida , Brokeback Mountain , Dead Poet's Society , The Reader etc , never the less ; it got me thinking that I should start a blog about films as well .
I dont know if I should make it a seperate blog or just keep on writing about films in this blog itself . And so I think its best that I ask you the readers , on what I should do . Please do leave a  comment . I would also like to inform all readers that I am reading this book "The Glass Room" by "Simon Mawer" . I hope to post the review soon , the book does seem promising so far . :)


NJ said...

I have read some of your posts and you write very well, however, i do feel the need of slight editing. the posts are very interactive and nicely done. Well done!!
About this one, I still think that a separate blog isn't needed, even if you put a tab here for the other blog, believe me, readers do not enjoy redirecting. So just add a category and list the film reviews under it.
Great Work. You should really try for YKA, you will be very valuable for us.

The Seeker of seeking things said...

I appreciate your compliments and criticisms ,do keep them coming. Welcome to my blog NJ , I hope it was an enriching experience , do visit me again
The seeker of seeking things
P.S- I do not think I can change my URL , even if i wanted to .

The Spectator said...

I dont know how I got to your post but I am glad I did. Its always great to read stuff churned by a mind like yours. I read all your posts the first time I came here. I might not have read any book you have written about, but still I learned, really informative.

I agree with NJ, proof-read before posting.

I would prefer you went with a new blog, cause in the future, when your blog would be really wide read, it should not be because its an amalgam, but because of one basic theme, like book reviews, or movies.

Think few years down the line and decide.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more from you, your views, which I so agree with, or learn something new.

The Seeker of seeking things said...

I am glad that you found my post . It is amazing to hear from a reader .Welcome to my blog , I hope you keep visiting it . I guess I will start the new blog when I feel for a movie as much I do for a book . Do tell me whether I should continue writing about my personal thoughts as I have in "What about Love " etc . Take care Spectator . May your swords stay sharp and pens sharper

The Spectator said...

I would be frank is saying the ones depicting your personal thoughts I loved much more. Its always fantastic to read surprisingly varyingly views of people on the same things. I personally love knowing thoughts and outlook towards life.

I could have commented on your thoughts' posts but I read them all at once and couldn't. But I will still try and share my views with you on them.