Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Hobbit - J.R.R Tolkien

I have been wanting to write the review of this book foe a long time
A light read , it did not take much time to go through the Hobbit, where in lies the genius of the great author for even though short it is no less thrilling .
"The Hobbit" takes us on an adventure in the  middle earth  with Bilbo , Gandalf and the dwarfs as our guides.It starts out with a very brief yet sufficient history of the Hobbits , their  habits , traits , traditions and settlements . Bilbo , a "Baggins" with a lot of "Took" in him is surprised to find a company of dwarfs arriving at his door complete with an empty belly and a thirst for booze after a short meet with the Grey wizard ( Mithrandier /Ganfalf ) .When the dwarfs challenge the competence of Bilbo in accompanying them on a journey in search of gold , the "Took"in him takes control , hence making him up for the advnture .What is to follow is quite the unexpected , from the disgusting orcs ,and the huge ( yet dumb )trolls, to the eerie spiders and the suspicious wood elves . All in all a thrilling journey . The final treasure hunt , tests the wits of the company , where only Bilbo surpasses the test .
The evil dragon  "Smaug"  acts as the cherry on top .
For those who have already read the trilogy , you will find , a detailed account of the encounter between Bilbo and Gollum. Furthermore all doubts that readers have in the greatness of Bilbo will be removed , making him rise in your eyes .
All in all a wonderful tale , The Hobbit is a good read . I suggest that those who wish to read the Lord of the rings series should read the prequel after reading the trilogy . For it would make it just that much more interesting . The book is not as fast paced as the L.T.R , and is more of a short story than a novel .
My rating 3.8 on 5

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