Friday, March 23, 2012

Face Painting - Devil

Hey readers , I also took part and came FIRST  in a face painting competition . The theme being Devil . This is how I justify or simply feel about what I painted . I feel that when there is a lot of anger , it leads to fire . The fire ,even as it is a combination of hues of yellow and red , is dominated by the blackness of negativity , anger , frustration , hate .
Hate as they say is love gone wrong , and so this man is an asura , given powers by the mahadev after years of tapasya , and despite years of meditation the "krodh" , the anger hasn't come down . The colours I have used on the face are for the most part ink , this is because ink leaves a dull impession when painted on the skin , and such negativity should only rightly be dull . The pure symbols of Swastika , Aum and Trishul are however white since even in such darkness such purity will forever shine . The entire face wasn't painted because even as one becomes a devil , some human spirit survives.

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