Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Document your mistakes, Set yourself free

Documenting your mistakes is probably more important than framing your achievments and hanging them on a wall . Our regrets and mistakes are embedded in our heart , and just as I have said it time and again , your experiences and the voice of your heart our the most accurate resources to become a better happier person .  Since regrets and mistakes are housed by our heart it is only right that we go back to them , not to feel pain , but to learn from them . One should not forget harsh / hard times - Let me rephrase . One should not forget the lessons learnt from hard times , remembering the pain is fool's choice .
I have been reading , analysing and noticing a patten in my actions . Even as the pattern is intact , it is collapsing , the vicious cycle of careless thoughtless mistakes is breaking . Four days of "nonsense" is replaced by three days of "silliness" , soon it will become four days of "Optimal Usage" .
And so I suggest to all , give up your egos , learn from your follies , become a better person .
Shine Shine
Come , let's talk to the divine
Let that sun shine ,
let the moon whisper into your ears catch you unawares
Bask in the warmth ,
Bask in their mystery ,
Willful endeavors aren't easy to take on
but that's the fun of it you horny little fellow ;)

1 comment:

Incognita said...

"let the moon whisper into your ears catch you unawares"
Know what? The moon just did that. The mysterious lemon moon exactly like the one that awakened me that dawn in March 2010. Whispered reminders of work unfinished :)