Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Active" Retreat at the Lodi Gardens

Continuing with my expedition of the beautiful historic places in Delhi , my recent trip was to the "Lodi Gardens "
It was an enjoyable experience but was a little dampened by the arrival of an entire school ( or rather 4 to 6th Standards ) .. for picnic . The children drove me a little mad , but they were cute all the same . Enough of that . The Gardens provide a whole myriad of monuments for one to sketch , I found myself totally confused on which one to choose first , it was a child who came to my rescue .He says " Paint anyone bhaiya , you can come and paint the rest the next time you come " . Cute ain't he ?Hehehe.. Anyways I ended up with two things a oil sketch of Sheesh Gumbad and a warning - either come and sit at the gardens at 4am or check the schedule of all the schools around for picnic .

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Dipz said...

Hey bhaiyya... I am one of the children you met at the Lodhi Gardens.. I asked you for your email and your signature :P ... All of this is so awesome.. Keep doing this all the time dude..