Sunday, October 17, 2010

On The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

I am going to soon attend a book club discussion on the book " The particular sadness of a lemon cake " by " Aimee Bender " on November the 23rd or 26th at the American Library at the American Center . The book deals with a girl who has a "talented tongue" . She can taste food and tell all the emotions that the cook or the baker had while making the item . As she grows up she begins to get to know of the emotions in an even more objective way , making all clearer and clearer . She discovers the sadness , anxieties and insecurities of her family and friends . Now had I not read "The Hobbit" the very day i started reading this book or had i not re-read the "Lord of the Rings - Trilogy " by the great J.R.R Tolkien the very week , I would have called it if not a splendid but the very least a good work , but alas that is not to be . It angered me very much and brought on all the thoughts of diminishing readership and poor authors . If truth be told there have always been a small population of readers ,but in the light of new technology , less funding for libraries , high prices and monetizing of book stores so much , the readership falls , and if as is the scenario the authors are less skilled what is a guy gotta do but throw tomatoes in her/his face . If it was not for the movie The Lord of the Rings would have been forgotten , for the first part "the hobbit" was first published in 1937 . C.S Lewis somehow survived . But unless something be done , the age of the next Indians will do be far from book lovers . Me thinks that some authors are smart , but to really write a splendid book , requires genius . As sorry as I am to say this Aimee Bender is a "smart" author and far from "genius" .In other circumstance "smart" would be a compliment , but not in this case for smart here is the smartness of a fox . For a "smart" author takes a small idea of a genius , and makes it into a whole novel . The whole idea about a tongue telling emotions is so mediocre imaginatively , it is boring and hardly imaginative , its some long lost idea , not discovered , but most probably copied in a disgusting fashion . The small fantasy point in The Lord Of the rings in which a sword named sting glows when orcs are around is more interestingly imaginative . Now , now I am sure some reader would say that she should be credited for merging fantasy and realistic emotions . That would be just had it been the time snow white was published , however in the age where Harry Potter series exists , it is a feeble attempt to say the least . In the age where J.K Rowling has cast a novel so beautiful , a novel that makes us believe that there can exist a wizard world , for it all seems almost scientific , normal people with a gift , a gift with rules too and of utmost importance the realism of the characters , their emotions , their feelings all comes alive as we pass through the pages . You can relate to all of them , Harry - afraid yet courageous , Hermione - Insecure of her own over bustling confidence , Ron - one to be removed from his zone of comfort , Dumbledore - Knows that wise cannot be powerful , and snape - a character moving in between love and betrayal . If I must say their are few similarities between The Harry potter series and the lord of the rings trilogy . Both Harry and Frodo are set tasks that makes them seem both afraid and courageous , both their sires James Potter and Bilbo Baggines have been on adventures too small than their young yet adventures all the same . Dumbledore and Gandalf are both aware that the wise are always powerful , their wisdom is their power , and if they are given power they along with the world would be destroyed . If I might be bold enough to say , the idea of a horcrux is very similar to the ring , both as we see the ring and the horcrux try to tempt the bearer into dreadfully deadly deeds , and are of similar concept , made to keep their masters alive , for as long as possible , J.K Rowling may have made some concept about they being trophies , but all the same the idea is very very similar . Well in the midst of all this we have forgotten Aimee altogether , it would be suffice to say that she needs to find the genius in herself, for she has potential

                                       Inspired by the great author are these two talented authors one who is already great and one who I hope will achieve greatness by adopting more honest ways                                 



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