Thursday, December 2, 2010

Even Sadness can sing

A painting I made that inspired me to write this poem

 When the sky isn't blue enough
The air suffocates you
This sadness is not something to weep over
For when has anyone ever wept over emptiness
What is this void , tell me more
It makes me crazy , saddened to all folks
They ask me , what is the matter
But all I do is nod and say
Just let me be , just let me be , I pray
Oh! what beauty ,
oh! what light Its alas! all so very bright
But ask me and I would nod
Ask I from myself and I would avoid
For sometimes there are secrets that no confidant can share
Secrets that make you weep and make you glare
But uff!! just let it be
Who is gonna hear my appeal
For no sad man can ever appeal
All he can do is pray
But pray he must
Pray he must
Else even his loneliness is going to leave him lonesome
Grieved ,aghast and gloom-some.


The Spectator said...

Who should he pray to?

The Seeker of seeking things said...

Well he should pray to his own conscience ( some people give "conscience" a different name , they call it "GOD"). He can only pray to his inner self , to tell him the correct path . Sometimes a sad and secretive man is more sad about sharing his secret rather than the secret itself . Only Conscience and God can give him the strength to let it all out , to breathe .

alpana aggarwal said...

yeah..conscience is what makes you..

The Seeker of seeking things said...

Yes .. and u make ur conscience !!!

shanti swaroop prabhakar said...


Incognita said...

I sense hidden messages in the poem that even you aren't totally aware of. I have quite a different interpretation of "pray."
You used the word "glare" to rhyme with "share" because perhaps you couldn't really find an appropriate word, but it ended up being more powerful than you thought. "Glare" is about bright lights as in the "glare of the spotlight," it's about the feeling of vulnerability, nakedness, exposure.
The angel painting is exquisitely minimalist with just 3 basic colors. The light radiating from within and yet covering from outside, the wings that both shelter and emancipate. I think this is your best one.
Your writing and art show a side of you that is not obvious from your Facebook posts. Continue this process of art entwined with writing. It will liberate you.

The Seeker of seeking things said...

@Incognito - Like my art , this poem was after all inspired writing . Me thinks that my inner being is somewhat more powerful than my conscious being , and I do give a lot of credit to it , not out of modesty but because I unlike others know the power of the unconscious .I am going to meditate over this . Try, and create a sync with my writing and art, though trying won't be necessary It will happen .SOON .. :)

Incognita said...

This is a very insightful response. Being tuned in to your unconscious and its power is a gift that few people come by. You have and I can see that you cherish this gift and are allowing it to guide you.

The Seeker of seeking things said...

@Incgnito - Your conscious being is so powerful , even if i try I cannot interpret my own work in a manner as spiritually uplifting as u can perhaps.. !