Friday, February 10, 2012

Adios !


Xeno Lorro said... just keep getting better...:)

Karan Leo Vohra said...

You are ever so Kind :D

Hüzün said...

I'm quite curious about the technique you used on this one. Tis takes me to an 80s discotheque where this dying ailing man, as fabulous and attractive as he has always been desperately wishes to leave a note, for he knows he's never going to be able to come back to this world full of smatterings of glittering lights, that have been so 'kind' to him all along, in all his miseries..

Karan Leo Vohra said...

Curious . There is definitely an element of Goodbye in this composition and so the name . But is Goodbye always about departing from this world , perhaps he is leaving this "kind of" life rather than life all together , or he is so infused with the nasha of the "unknown" that the discotheque provides that it is not the disco but the world beyond the walls of the club that he says goodbye to as he dissolves into an abyss , not an abyss of darkness , simply ignorance.
Your interpretation reminds me of AIDS epidemic to some extent , only this is a man not bogged down by physical illness , maybe not bogged down at all , simply of a different world . A million interpretations , thanks for yours , gave me good perspective . Do check others , "Hazards of hope" might intrigue you :)