Saturday, February 25, 2012

My desires sexual or otherwise  seem to lie in a muse I have yet to find . Most people have so far disappointed me perhaps I look for God in my love , someone who can destroy me and let me be created from the very seed that led to the destruction . Irrespective , my muse evades me ,it lurks in some dark corner or dances on  some glorified stage .. My own sentiments astound me .


Incognita said...

Karan Leo you are searching in the proverbial dark room for a black cat that isn't there :) That glorified stage too is in reality a dark place conjuring an illusion of brilliance. On the other hand there is intense light in the darkest recesses of your own being - The Dark Night of the Soul. It is like a candle that is safely cocooned by the enveloping darkness. Protected and nurtured, not stifled by the wondrous womb of your own being. You can light many candles from that shielded flame and indeed illuminate the universe. That flame within is your muse. Touch it and it will set you alight as it has set others for whom you are muse! Power and love to you!

Karan Leo Vohra said...

Plato said that initially man had four arms, two heads , four legs etc , Zeus( Father of all Gods on Olympus ) was a little intimidated by this , worried that man might become too powerful for Gods someday so he cut them and divided them equally so that two became of one . Hence for everyone there exists a soul mate , a soul mate that they might not always be similar too , neither necessarily in contrast too . The soul mate however shall complete them.
I believe that there can be more that one such soulmate , just as there can be a Nag with seven heads ( on which lord shiva resides ) .
Therefore , as much as it is possible that I was born this way rather than cut into twos by Zeus , the alternate is possible as well :D

Incognita said...

I do agree with you on more than one soul-mate :) Well I definitely have more than one myself :)

Chakratirtha Travels said...

"someone who can destroy me and let me be created from the very seed that led to the destruction"
I can't seem to get this idea out of my head. Only the other night I was overcome by an urge for this kind of "creative destruction." It is one tiny step away from a death-wish. I have written and talked about this cycle of creative birth-death-rebirth in the past. It is not always about "someone" but often a situation - even traumatic - a combination of factors within and without that lead to a light-bulb moment, a divine spark that recreates you. Sometimes it could be as simple as a change of air and water. And of course such a change can be associated with an important "someone" as it happened to be in my case. I suggest you try the last option first :) Maybe then you won't need to wait much longer for the change you need!

Methinks this is the kind of change that we open the doors to on CTT. I'm sure Kim would have thoughts on this as well. Your posts invariably trigger the opening of new channels for me. More in a while.