Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A mother longing for "A" child

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Incognita said...

Months ago I saw this painting with a somewhat different caption at the top right hand corner of this blog.
It read "The mother yearning for a child" and I had commented
"I find this painting the most compelling thing on your blog. Whatever else I may spend time on, this will draw me like a magnet and I'm reluctant to leave it when I exit. You need a place under it for comments."

There were too many painting in your collection to post all at once and you had responded with "I will post the paintings on my blog as individual posts soon .. i will post the mother one specially for you." Thank you, I am touched to see it here :) I know many mothers who would need to express their feelings around it.

I notice that the title you've chosen here is 'A mother longing for "A" child.' Any special significance for the upper case "A" in quotes? I like it, it speaks to me with a new message, a more powerful one of hope and the future!

You have earlier remarked about her "she looks in the distance, yearning for them, like one yearns for the rising sun .. or in some cases the setting sun .. did she loose them, did they loose her, or did she never have any .. all possibilities exist." Yes!! Share with us the inspiration for this painting.