Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Engulf me in darkness

My exhibition at Kuzart Lane was an enriching experience .Before I post the paintings that were on exhibit , I thought I'd show all ye blog readers what I have been upto all this while and so here are three paintings I made meanwhile my other work was on exhibit .


Incognita said...

This painting frightens me, mirrors back all my current fears and my recent pains to me. It's like you could see behind my mask and pick up some signals which your paints and brushes then played with to create this face.

Incognita said...

I have to continue ... This need not be the reality I choose. This is my face in a cracked mirror. First I throw a stone in the mirror, then I complain that it beams back half-truths at me. I believe you painted this one after the near-perfection of "Give Me Grey?" Can you recall any particular thoughts that passed through your mind, any motivation or trigger? I see these two as unlike twins, creating a balance between them.