Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Eureka Moment!

You know life can be full of a lot of disappointing flashes,
And yet we need to get up,
Me thinks that my blog documents every time I get up.


Incognita said...

Get up and soar now Karan!!

Incognita said...

I recall these words from you. They have given me enormous courage.

"If you see a young bird trying to fly, a birdie, a hatchling who has never flied, trying very hard, knowing that if it looses it for one moment it shall fall down and die .. and yet seeing that bird you'd want to fly, knowing that you don't have the wings, knowing that if you loose it for a second you shall too suffer .... but yet it make you wanna try to learn and fly."

You need to be brave enough to risk the fall, brave enough to pull yourself up again. You are believe me!

Kim said...

The great thing about your blog, Karan, is that it documents not only those moments in which you fly despite challenges, but also those moments in which the rest of us fly with you... You write, btw, with a haiku-like conciseness which expresses your painting in poetry...