Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Readers.
I am pleased to give news of my artwork being featured at a rather popular and succesfull blog on Anna Calvi , my muse for some of my work .
I was interviewed and some of my work was put up on the website.
Also the Author of the website is in talks with people to put up an exhibition of works inspired by  Calvi in France . So keep your fingers crossed :)
Meanwhile an excerpt from the interview I have posted here, for more you can see the link given below

*Circum Stare*

     Who –

Born on 22nd August 1992, art has been my passion for almost 11 years now. The ever changing spectrum of life that I encounter every day inspires me to paint. I paint what I see and perceive unconsciously. My paintings might not always be statements but they definitely show my personal journey with respect to the theme and otherwise. The themes range from explorations of human psychology (the human psyche) to journeys into India’s archetypal past. My choice of mediums depends on the strength and opacity of the feeling or situation that I am trying to express, consciously or otherwise. Ink, charcoal, oil pastels and acrylic give life to my thoughts. I am exploring digital art and hope to unlock more portals.. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science Engineering (Currently in my third year). I hope to travel the world, absorb what all it has to offer and reflect it in my paintings for all the world to see.
My art has been exhibited at numerous places like Goethe Institut, Swiss-India alliance exhibit etc and more recently it was exhibited at
1. The Jai Bharat Centre in association with Zarah Delhi .
The theme of the exhibition was Tattva , broadly classified into Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit and Shadow from 16th to 19th August 2012
2. Art  gallery called ‘Kuzart  Lane’ in Hauz Khas Village from 10th June 2012 to 24th June 2012
You can find out more about me and my art on my blog .
You can contact me via my blog/facebook/twitter.

     Where & when –

A friend of mine who worked with BBC world service told me about Calvi.
The first song I ever listened to by Calvi was “Desire”. I was taken aback, thrilled to find  her .It seemed to me as if I always knew her for I could feel the madness, rage, turmoil and darkness assimilated in her music as my own, as a part of my very being sung out by a  Sorceress in a distant land. I paint only when I am truly inspired, I do not manufacture art. Her music rekindled the fire of desire.

     Why –

It seldom happens that the voice and the visual turn out to be equally powerful, equally arousing and inspiring.
Anna Calvi with her theatrics, rage, music and elements of macabre achieves that resonance between the visual and the vocal
My muse through her music brought out a lot of emotions out in me. It was a vast pool where I could throw all my fury, anger, disgust, revenge, ego and yearning by being in a state of conscious exhalation. What came out was lust, courage, fear, the ability to love again and opportunity, not only as a state of mind but also existentially.Since once I painted these paintings all of the reflection came to life .
There are a lot of works inspired by Anna and her music they are
Untitled work on Wood.”
Each work has its own unique significance
I have and shall write more about each of these paintings on my blog. (*If your readers wish to read that info here itself I shall send u the same J*)  

     How –

Harp me lustless , Untitled ( carnivore 2) and  Untitled (Carnivore 3 ) are all mixed media . Using ink, acrylic and charcoal I have created the works .
Making these paintings was orgasmic, I would paint while listening to Anna’s songs at high volume. Since it was never scheduled and rather inspiration/mood dependent I painted at times by the candle light, early morning by the sun and sometimes till the late hours of darkness.
“Give Me Gray? No” is like a nemesis of Calvi a reverse image and is made entirely with Charcoal.
Both “Give me Gray? No” and “Engulf me in Darkness” were made at the spur of the moment.
While the untitled painting on wood is a black and white painting made with acrylic. 

     Song - I cannot pick one, the entire album is a piece of genius. I am not crazy about Rider to the sea but it is essential to all other songs
          Phrase - “Love won’t be leaving”
.               Word -“Devil”


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