Saturday, December 29, 2012

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My work is getting a lot pf buzz in the press and I thought I'd share with you all some of it. Even as all you readers, and the buzz you create means the world to me :)
Here is what and Blogger Jasmeen Duggal has to say
"Do you live in denims? Well we have pairs of artfully painted shoes by twenty-year-old Karan Vohra that would jazz up your look!! His artistic bent of mind and creativity is evident in his wearable art project i.e. a collection of painted shoes. 'Art has been my window to the world. My choice of mediums depends on the strength and opacity of the feeling or situation that I am trying to express. It continuously transforms from paper to wood to walls and more recently to shoes' he explains.
Checking out his project, I sensed a whimsical flair in the silhouettes and materials. Each pair of shoes has something unexpected like fun colors or design element and though the designer would say it's intended to be worn (and it sure is!), for him it is a canvas for creating something beautiful. EF Verdict: we think the pairs are chic and functional like any other especially for the teens-twenties' age group (though we will confirm after we wear one!)."- Jameen Duggal 

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