Friday, January 25, 2013

All that is and all that was

By and by
It draws near
the songs unwritten
unspoken thoughts
solace in downfall
skin-deep it runs
I shiver at the thought
Under those fears of freezing
The frost bitten left hand
And no wings to save
A gentle touch isn’t as gentle as it was
Let that touch be lost
Reality sodomizes
Downfall flashes
Another man would want a branch
To catch as he falls
Don’t need no twig
And yet that fall bogs down
Aren’t we all stardust
One 1000th of a soul
Images and imagery
The laughing stock
Better than a slaughtered peacock?
It’s a cigarette that brings
The burning thoughts
The trembling legs
That last filter drops
Reality leaves with a 100 buck unclaimed on the bed
Frost bitten finger burns
Irony of it all
No conclusion to this song
Only smoke that disappears with dawn

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