Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I started a tumblr a while back called with the intention of putting everyday doodles that I make whenever my mind wanders off to a different world. It doesn't matter whether its a classroom, a metro/bus ride, what matters is how wild and wondrous these seemingly innocent doodles spring out from my imagination.
The doodle above is one of my favorites and happens to be not only the favicon for the tumblr but also my current profile picture on facebook. All copyrights belong to Karan Leo Arts

This is how Ms Mayalakshmi Rao, ace photographer and CTT head describes the doodle
"a Kali gone a little crazy, a Kali who is part male, a Shiv unleashing his locks and letting the Ganges go 

upwards, an acrobat, each of us in our daily balancing act - in balance, yet rising

ME having a good hair day "


Kim said...

Shiva and Vishnu embracing?

Karan Leo Vohra said...

Indeed... There is such a strong energy in this.