Friday, May 10, 2013

Life has a penchant for dark humor

A couple of days ago a friend of mind posted a status on facebook: he wished that were there to be a time machine; he would go back and change his past.
How many of us think about important or at times not-so important decisions that we wished we could change? Almost everyone.

I pondered over this, I consciously thought of the things I would have done differently had I been in possession of a time machine. It dawned on me that doing one thing differently would in turn bring about a different set of problems, a new set of mistakes and henceforth a different set of reasons to be dissatisfied with life. No matter how many times we use this time machine, we would be tempted to go back to our past. Take for instance travelling. A wrong turn not only helps prevents us from repeating the same mistake but also helps us in finding an alternate way to reach our destination or better still find a way no one has yet discovered. Life teaches us things in queer ways. In all honesty I too get troubled by the dark humour that “Life” has a penchant for. At the end of the day though, there is no light without dark. The lessons that we learn are taught to us in outlandish ways, we are made to go round a circle only to realise that the first step was a mistake. Something similar happened to me today, something that triggered this post.

One of my speakers wasn’t working - not a big deal - but when the time came to watch the season finale of Glee, I had to do something about it. It just so happens that I have an NSX-0757 Aiwa music system, a powerful system about 15(or more) years old with 5 speakers(one central 8ohm, two surround sound 16ohm and two 6ohm rectangular speakers). This system has been out of use for the media it uses is obsolete (CD’s, Cassets and FM) the speakers however, give out awesome sound quality (made in Japan). I took out the wiring, scrapped the plastic to get rust free wires, tried them, tested the pins – the works. All the speakers worked perfectly when tested individually and I could replace the ruined speaker with any one of them, which I did – initially. 6 great sounding speakers however makes one greedy. I did everything in my power to work the Aiwa amplifier to take the input from my computer – to no avail. Finally when all was done, I literally sat down on the floor only to notice that the spoiled speaker had a simple break in its wiring. A 5 minute fix as opposed to an hours worth of tinkering with the Aiwa music system, googling impedence, connections, NSX systems etc.
Lesson learnt – First address the root of the problem rather than uprooting a beautiful tree, pruning it and trying to plant it in your backyard.

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