Friday, July 19, 2013


The imaginary world should be taken seriously, it tells you that which is hidden, lost or forgotten.I dreamed a dream last night which I happened to remember when I woke up, instinctively I recorded what I remembered in a voice memo. I found myself in a building which looked as ghastly in the inside as it was beautiful on the outside, fancy- ugly things in beautiful wrappings. I knew that I was at an event dedicated to celebrating super heroes, I knew this just as you know things in dreams. I saw people standing in clusters, in heated discussion albeit the topic of their discussion had nothing to do with super heroes. Someone from amongst these people pointed out to me a girl who used to be in my school but had left mid session. Again, I knew these people were once my school mates even as their faces were all blurry and hazy looking. Suddenly I felt a rage, an anger burning my very insides. I shrieked "You imbeciles, Stop!". All of these fellows were giving a test in order to give another test. These tests were strongly related to approval. After the shriek, I stormed out of the building only to notice two fat youngsters putting up batman and green lantern posters on this building. Moreover with every poster they put the surroundings seemed to change for the better. There was an innocence about these figures that was disarming and yet non-threatening.  

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