Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thoughts put into words

The sun loves the earth for it doesn’t’t want to burn it, it stays away the soil loves the scavengers for which it produces and nourishes its bait , the trees love the birds for whose nests it grows its branches” \
These lines from Paulo Coelho ‘s book the “Alchemist” inspire me everyday , helping me find love , kindness and warmth in every aspect of life .
I have experienced various forms of love in life. I love my nation and always have. When I see that my India is still in such a bad state my heart cries. To me love means care and trust . If you expect anything other than care and trust from the person or thing you love then alas! You have never loved.

” Vasudhev Kutumbakkam”- the world is a family. I am fortunate enough to have interacted with students from different countries. I went on a foreign exchange program t a school in Stuttgart Germany . On interacting with them I realized that besides language we were no different from them . The very thought makes me remember few lines from Pablo Neruda’s (Nobel laureate) keeping quiet
“Now we will count to 12 and we will keep quiet for once on the face of earth lets not speak in any language and stop for one second
And not move our hands so much
We would all be together in a sudden strangeness”
We are all part of the same universal soul only when we come together as one does the heart of the world beat . I remember how my heart wept for all those victims of 9/11 and how I felt sorry for the victims of apartheid of whom I have read in my history books . The world is a family and I love my world like I love my family
It is impossible for me to separate books and love .I have always been fascinated by books and love to read them , it is my belief that all the stress we experience in our life can be swept away through books. We enter a world where we can be anything , anyone be it Harry Potter , Alladin , Kane from Kane and Abel, or even Alice from little women . Reading brings out in me a love even for those whom I don’t know as in the case of the characters of “A thousand splendid sons” and “Kite runner” by Khaled Hosseini .
Love is a virtue , it is omnipresent be it love of Romeo and Juliet , love between mother and child, love towards animals or love towards art and literature. Love is supernatural and yet a part of the very nature itself . Love is a flame which enlightens all , it is not fire hence it cannot burn anyone


Alpana Aggarwal said...

reading allows your mind nd soul to relax and generate some positive thoughts and explore your own ideas as you relate the ideas and opinions of the other soul(the author) allows me to let go of things i don't want to keep with myself and reinvent makes me rediscover myself and get a grip on myself again when mind gets clouded..

The Seeker of seeking things said...

So true , today itself I was in a mood unlike no other . I kept on playing thought is my mind , and when i tried stopping them . It was the same . So I read and I read , and things worked out , a friend consoled , a teacher taught ...

Incognita said...

I'm still recovering ...
Tears and love

The Seeker of seeking things said...

This was the article that I sent to one of the foreign universities.. they wanted me to portray the real me ,. how i felt about things .. etc..
I dont know if i did a good enough job though ... I think i should plan my articles more. thoroughly