Sunday, April 25, 2010

What about Love

You are a song written by the hands of God - is how i will describe Love.... Micheal Jackson sings What about sunrise What about rain What about all the things That you said we were to gain.... I ask what about love .? We are so caught up in terrorism , earth crises , population rise .. so much so that we no longer remember what love is or so to say what love was . YOU might say that combating terrorism , controlling population , is a way to greater good to greater love, but in the drive to greater good we have forgotten the everyday good. What is love is a question some used to ask , but it has been replaced by what about love? as if it as something as common ans unnecessary as a nail. But to think that it is a nail is not a bad idea , for love nails the world together ,it is the binding force ( yes all you physicists it is like the binding energy in a nucleus-just way more powerful) . Einstein , Newton all tried to combine forces to get the universal force , well i am no Einstein but it seem s I have cracked the code , it is love that is the universal force . I have seen many form sof love , but moreover I have read love , heard love and seen love ( no i haven gone mas) Love is in books , music films , Yes in films too. Since love is like energy it can flow from our heart to our creations ,Some say love is more to do with others , to love someone else , But hear it from me , it is perfectly allright to love yourself , just make sure that you are not the only one you love. the way a jain nun roams the earth bare foot , sacrificial and unaffected by the gifts of life , is her love for spirit , it is not just an urge to be free of the cycle of love and death , it is the love for her spirit .A mother who has seen her brother send her own parents to old-age homes still gives herself totally to her children , this strong power is not just love for her children , it is the love for motherhood. Ambition is the seed of devil , some say but i say different it is not the seed of devil it is the love of satisfaction . One who is ambitious is on a journey to attain it , but the driving power in this journey is ambition ( which is love and not evil). Enough has been said on the forms of love , but liitle on the celebration of love , . You might still find Indian women over 30 secretly watching the same " dilwale dulhaniya genre" movie a forty fifth time . She watches these movies not to get a high or to watch others falling in love so as to indulge in self pity, she watches it to remeber the time when the same fire was alive in her ages ago and a part of the fire remains flickering excitedly like a spark. We are Indians but we hardly celebrate our love for a country , for love is not celebrated on some specific days( just as life is not celebrated only on your birthday) . We are progressing but not progressing in our own league , we compare our progress to Europe and USA, We always consider it relatively ,And in this relativity we forget what progress was and so we start to cheat or copy.It is awesome to go to discos , blog on the net do facebooking etc , but it isn't good to ignore your origin , either , it is a negation to your love for your country. To forget your heritage and to become mindless clones is not the way to progress and neither is it a way to love. Love your country by not peeing on its walls , not spitting on its lands , and most importantly by accepting it and making it better ( not making it USA making it a better India) . Most among us have different opinions on who really freed our country ,The NON-violence Clan of Gandhi or the Revolutionary clan of S.C Bose and Bhagat Singh .But all of us agree that whatever their methods were it was love for nation that lighted the lamps on those dark streets . There is so much on love and so much to say but I guess thee is more to discover and so I give you all the luck in discovering it , nurturing it and celebrating the song written by God -LOVE

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