Sunday, December 26, 2010

My journey through Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier

Falling Angels – by Tracy Chevalier
  Most readers might have heard about the book “Girl with a pearl earring” by the same author. Well I came across this one in the most strange way possible . I was once doing volunteer duty in my school library and saw some of the stationary being thrown away , papers , dry pens , etc and along with them a book with a very boring cover . I picked it up and took it to the librarian , telling her how I found it .She was however very disinterested and told me its origins weren’t known to her and it was too much of a pain to check whose book it was .Anyways I left it there and went on my way .Strangely so , at the end of the day I found it on my bag . I took it to the lost and found department to submit it . The usually friendly Mr Sharma ,acted like a complete pain in the *** and gave it back to me , saying he was tired of school and cant take such sill y responsibilities .Finally , determined as I am , I took it to the principal asking her to decide on the matter .The busiest person in the school was never busy when it came to books ( a former English teacher ) and she says to me after I tell her the entire story “Karan , why don’t you read it , if you like it keep it , if not we will give it to one of the class libraries “ .I knew there was more to the book than was being said for . And so I went home and began with the first page , it starts with a seemingly middle aged woman complaining about the  horrible night she had with the stranger and how infidelity becomes a real sin only when its not fun . The book has no protagonist .  It is about two families , each with a combo of characters . A myriad it seems is the book all about in the beginning . The voices are so mixed and never complete. There are too many gaps everywhere it seems . For the major part of the story ,Kitty Coleman dominates the movement , the physical one at least . Her random attention-seeking decisions , love affairs with cemetery heads , and her act in the women’s rights movement , her imprisonment and finally her death . The story is see from different perspectives , sometimes from little Maude’s at other times from the snobby Livy , the shallow Gertrude Waterhousse , and off course Kitty Coleman  herself . There is a friendship between Livy , Maude and the grave digger’ son .It is difficult to describe what is so special about it is hard to express in words . It’s a simple book set in Britain  , at the time of the women’s movement after Queen Victoria’s death .there is a great power even I simplicity , which is well reflected in this book . Even though its no thriller it is a book  will keep you awake for long nights . I did what my principal asked me to do , I read it and you know what? I still have it .The mystery was finally revealed when on the last page were written the initials of my principal. I cherish the book , not because of the initials , or the story behind getting it . I cherish it because it made me understand , something so meaningful in life , something that I keep in my heart safe and sound . I hope you get the same understanding . Now go get it and read it .
P.S – The cover of the book was too boring so I painted something on a hand-made paper and covered it with it . I have posted the picture below

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