Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The urge to control
Of all the urges that people have ,  this one is the worst .No , its not just control freaks who have the urge to control everyone and everything around them , every human reaches a point in life when that sudden urge dominates him/her . I am not justifying these people , I am simply stating a fact . I am of the opinion , that at least the wiser and older should keep a check on these , the younger are always in the process of learning things and well the foolish , well they are after all foolish . I know when you read the term “control” , the scary boss or the angry “where were you all night” parents come to mind . Well to tell you the truth , they do inspire me to write , but bigger operators of our life than these pathetically amiable creatures are , yes you guessed it , spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends .

The Bosses – Well I haven’t really had any bosses to control me ,( I have been the controller hahaha )so my expertise in this field is rather limited . However, when my parents do come back from a tiring day, their curses do give me some insight . The Bosses are not necessarily employers in some company , the bosses range from principal’s and supervisors in schools , to team leaders in extra-curricular projects , to even club heads , class reps .  I know it seems silly that a class representative could be a boss , but the justification they give for their “control” is the same as that of the big company bosses . Well the justification is that “ I am giving them money/guidance so they better work the way I want them to “ . Mind you missy , they are not going to say this to you on your face , they are rather sly ( not their human nature , just comes with the job ) , when they really need you they will keep you on a leash , and when they don’t they will become all sober , become teary eyed and tell how the chairman is pressurizing them to get more output . So in a way the urge to control in case of bosses is justifiable as long as it’s not your holidays ,relationships or pregnancy leaves they are controlling .

Next up are the very amiable
Parents – well the simple fact that they are the reason you are here , gives them ample reason to control you , mind you , you are not their toys or projects , you are the simplest form of love for them , their heart .
The problem is that sometimes they become the” Warlock's hairy heart” from the “Tales of Beetle the Bard “, they lock you down in a basement saying that they want to keep their heart away from the problems and hardships of the world . The only problem is that the heart becomes hairy, rebellious and rather irritated . if there is any point that I have tried to make with the analogy is this , as long as parents are protective and instructive everything works out well . Things complicate when they don’t want you to grow up and not be their little baby anymore . the moment you become all mature and start going for parties you get the title “Awaragard” .

Hmm , lovers and spouses all of them have the perpetual need to control you , they call it love , I call it control . the control starts in the early days itself , dropping hints for you to call them ( missed calls ) , or for you incite them on a date (   “I love having coffee with someone I like” or “ The best date is a coffee date “etc ) . They might even hint you to get them gifts on the first date itself ( the occasional , “Oh I love orchids ,they are the sign of a positive beginning” ) . It does not stop here my love , the positions , the songs , the kind of dance everything is peeped into and commanded to change too . Your friends are interviewed in the most subtle ways possible , and well the opposite sex ( lets just say keep them very very far ) . To tell you the truth , they cannot help it , and well if you are one hear it from “The seeker” , you can’t help it my dear . your lover showers you with love , takes up on all the hints you give , changes oneself for your happiness , so please let them have the whip for some time and roll around like a circus tiger even if it hurts your ego .

The world is a jungle and  everyone wants to be the lion ( even though I am the Leo here hahaha ) . Just make sure you are not the perpetual circus lion :p , and when you are in doubt , just give me a call ( comment silly :p)

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